Not Quite Forgotten

Today the universe conspired to dig out a little memory that had been buried beneath 20 or so years of accumulated rubbish. It may never have resurfaced if it wasn't for today's meaningless chain of events. My brother asked me to drive him to the tip, or whatever fancy name they give it these days, to dispose of some oil. And whilst it's normally quiet there, the good weather must have fried everyone's brains and there was an enormous queue to get in. As we were stuck stationary for a good 15 minutes my eyes started to wander and I spotted an animal sanctuary that I didn't know was there. Or did I? Suddenly it all came back. When I was little my nan adopted a horse for me, and we used to go and visit him together. I can't for the life of me remember what his name was, but I remember he was black with a white stripe down his face (like a Shire horse, but there's no way he actually was one, he was no way big enough) and I used to get newsletters come through the post telling me how he was getting on.

Once my brother's motorbike oil was safely disposed of we parked up at Wat Tyler Country Park (another blast from the past, I used to go there on trips when I was in infant school) and walked a couple of minutes back down the road to the sanctuary.

It was £2 each to get in, which all goes towards taking care of the animals, so we were happy to pay it. The animals all seemed well looked after, and there was one ecstatic looking little girl grooming one of the horses, which you can buy as an experience gift for someone. I may have to do that myself one day!
If you look closely I'm actually in the last shot. Here it is zoomed in a little:There were also other farmyard animals to see, and one of the goats treated us to a view of him cleverly scratching his butt…
When we got out of the sanctuary all of the traffic had miraculously disappeared, so if we had gone any other time of the day I may never have rediscovered the sanctuary. It scares me to think of what else I've forgotten over the years, but it's also comforting to think that it may not be gone forever.

Although we didn't have a chance to explore as much as we would like we still had a stroll around the park, and took a ride on the miniature railway. It was really fun, but we may have just been getting high from the diesel fumes.

Since being home I've finished four loads of washing which is not very exciting, but it's a job I always leave till I'm down to my last pair of under-crackers so it's not like I could put it off any longer.

And then I made the most AMAZING dinner. When I was still at school I was a huge Manic Street Preachers fan, and I always remember the lead singer, James Dean Bradfield, (I was besotted with him) talking in an interview about his mum putting Marmite on roast potatoes. I always meant to try it, but I didn't get around to it until today (about 15 years after I ceased to be a fan of their music) But better late than never, eh? They were absolutely delicious, especially as I added some rosemary that I foraged from the county park. His mum sadly passed away some years ago, but I like the fact that her life sent out little ripples that are still influencing complete strangers all these years later.


I've been craving mushrooms lately, so I ate two whole packs of the most delicious chestnut mushrooms from Lidl, just cooked simply in Fry Light with an absolutely obscene amount of garlic. Let's just say vampires aren't going to be a problem for the foreseeable future… It was the tastiest meal I've had in ages.
Now I'm feeling wonderfully content it's off to bed for me. All being well I shall be living like a normal awake-in-the-day-sleeping-at-night person for the next few weeks, the prospect of which makes me very, very, happy!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x


It’s been absolutely ages since I went out of my way to create something from scratch. Although I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, yesterday I actually made something from the packet of black turtle beans that I bought several months ago.

I’ve been seeing recipes for black bean burgers online for a while and they all look delicious, but they either contain synful binding agents or synful breadcrumbs, so I decided to create my own recipe and see how they hold up.

I cooked the beans in boiling water for an hour and ten minutes (they didn’t need soaking), prepared some quinoa, then I added sweetcorn, red onion, smoked paprika, garlic, chilli flakes and a generous splash of Henderson’s Relish. I decided to do away with any binding agent at all, even though I have egg replacer in the cupboard, just to see what would happen.

I mixed it all together and shaped them, and they were looking pretty good at this point, then I popped them into the fridge until it was time for dinner. They stayed in there for about an hour and a half in total.


When it came to cooking them I fried them in a little fry light, and when turning them over they stayed together quite well but I could tell I’d have problems later.


By the time I got them onto the plate they were falling apart, and as soon as I stuck a fork in them they just crumbled. If I was eating them in a burger bun I think they would have been absolutely fine, but just having them on the plate they definitely need something to hold them together. I’m still on the search for something syn free, so next time I might add sweet potato mash and see if that helps at all. I’ll keep trying though, because I only used a third of the pack of beans and that made 12 burgers, so I popped the rest into the freezer to have another time. The whole pack of beans was only £1.10, so it’s definitely a cheap dinner to have in my repertoire (if I can perfect the recipe that is!)

With some extra beans I had left over I also made some black bean and lime dip which was based on this recipe here, but I left out the olive oil to keep it free. I ate that today with a whole cucumber and it was lovely.


The experimenting with new recipes has been fun, and I definitely want to do it more!

This week I only have two more nights left at work, and due to industrial action it’s quite possible that I’ll be off for the next three weeks. I have to be really careful during this period, as the last time I wasn’t at work I put on 11 lbs. I simply cannot view this as a food holiday.

As such I’m going to be going to bed early, getting up early and getting my butt out walking every single day, no matter what the weather. On Tuesday I’m walking to the hospital for my blood test, then Wednesday I’ll go to the local park (despite someone getting stabbed there the other day) and on Thursday I’m going to walk to a nearby high street. Because the area I live in is not so nice, it’s hard to go out walking just to see the sights – there aren’t many sights to be had. So I’m trying to go places where I have a proper destination in mind. Even if (in this case at least) it’s just to visit my nearest Oxfam! I’m also going to try to find the good/interesting in even the crappiest of places.

As if that wasn’t enough I’m also on a mission to save money as I’m absolutely determined not to go into my overdraft this month. Frugality is key! So I’m on the lookout for some excellent bargains. I think I might go to Debenhams and try on expensive dresses too!

I have a few ideas to be getting on with, and perhaps from time to time I’ll drive somewhere further afield. The only constraint I have is not wanting to leave Pea alone for too long, but she’s going to be spending more quality time with me anyway so every now and then won’t hurt.

The last time I was due to be off work I was already starting to feel inexplicably down in the leadup to it, but now although I don’t exactly feel ecstatic I have solid plans and I know I’m going to make the most of it. The fact that the industrial action could be called off at any point is also a huge motivator – I have to make the most of it in case I get sent back to work at short notice.

Speaking of work I suppose I’d better start getting prepared for my penultimate shift. Boo!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x


Full of Beans

Today I am full of beans! I’m full of actual beans (pulses and legumes, too), coffee beans, and just the general beans of life!

Last night work was… OK. And that’s weird, because normally it just isn’t. The shift started off with us being given little tokens with our names on, to be put into one of two boxes. One for yes and one for no. And the question? Do we want on on-site gym. Of course I’d be voting yes anyway, because it’s a great idea, and in all the time I’ve worked there it’s the most positive and health-conscious suggestion that’s ever been put forward. But did I think I’d actually go to the work gym and exercise in front of my colleagues? Well, no. But I have a most excellent work friend who I think the world of, and we both confessed that we’d be too self-conscious. And that’s what’s great about friends, and being open and honest. Good things can come of it, because as we both feel the same way, we agreed that we would go together.

Then at 34 years old I did my first ever ‘pinky swear’, upon his insistence. When I was a young lass we didn’t have pinky swears (as far as I know) which I think must have come from our American cousins. But my friend is a mere whippersnapper at 23-years-old and has been exposed to much more Americanisms in his youth than I have. It is therefore a done deal, and if the gym does actually get built (I think it will because one of the top managers is really driving it forward) then I will from that point forward be a gym person with my very own gym buddy. I’m kind of excited, and also terrified, because there’s a chap at work who I think is simply a beautiful human being (and I’m not just talking physical attributes here, although he is a very unconventionally attractive person), and if he goes I will be mortified. But I won’t let it stop me, because even if I thought he would be vaguely interested in me I know he isn’t the right chap. Not that I even have to consider that eventuality! I’m actually grateful for that – I just want a simple life.

A couple of hours into my shift my manager sent a message asking for volunteers to go to another department, so I thought what the hell, let’s just do it. When I first started working there I was on said department permanently, and since there is an area with small, light items to be picked that’s where I went. I call it the girls’ area. The men were consigned to the area containing weights and flat pack furniture. But last night I ended up in the man area, which was probably an error on the manager’s part, but I decided to stick with it and see how I did. And it was an absolute breeze! I wouldn’t want to be doing it every day but I had no trouble with the heavy lifting at all! The last time I picked I probably spent about 40% of the shift in that area and then I had to ask to be moved because it was just too much. That was a few months ago, and I’m happy to find that I’m so much fitter and stronger than I was back then.

We also have to wear a pack around our waists that communicates with the servers and tells us where to go and what to do. For the last 8 years I have felt anxious every time I’m given a pack as I don’t know whether I can get one that will go around me. Some selfish people adjust it to their waists and cut off the excess. But I realised in the last year I haven’t had to do that. I can just pick up any pack and not have the humiliation of having to ask to change it if it doesn’t fit. Because they all do! In the eventuality I get one that doesn’t fit, I know it’s because a super slim person has had it before me, not because there’s anything wrong with me personally. That’s a liberating feeling.

Steps-wise being on a more physical department hasn’t had much of an impact, I’ve maybe done a couple of hundred more, but I think it will definitely have an impact on my calorie burn. I will know for sure after midnight.

When I woke up this afternoon I got out in the garden, with a bath towel over my camera, to take another picture of the giant thistle which is open even more today. I think the relentless rain is doing it the world of good, but I do miss the sunshine already. If the rain actually stops at any point I’ll be out there again taking macro shots of raindrops, but it’s not looking all that likely. I just didn’t have time to get a decent raindrop shot before I became soaked through. There’s always hope though!

Finally I will tell you about yesterday’s dinner and my attempt at a tofu bechamel sauce. It was a DISASTER. It was so bad that (you may want to sit down for this) I couldn’t finish my dinner. The actual main part of the dish though, the ragu with aubergine, fresh on-the-vine-tomatoes, soya mince, onions, and my new love – Henderson’s Relish – was absolutely delicious. Next time I will just syn some vegan cheese substitute to go on top or (and this could well turn out just as disastrous as the tofu) I’m thinking something with blended cauliflower? Hmm, this needs more thought and experimentation…

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Hayley x

Magical Disappearing Weekend

Seriously, where did the weekend go? I blinked and I missed it! And I think that’s one of the reasons I started the day off so grumpily. I weighed in this morning and was disappointed to see that I’ve ‘only’ lost 5lbs of my 11lb gain. Which when I think about it isn’t entirely true. There is a consistent difference between my scales and the Slimming World ones, plus I now weigh at a different time and blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses, excuses. Fact is, 5lbs is a good loss in anyone’s book, and I’m kidding myself if I think I can keep gaining and losing huge amounts of weight all the time. Get real, Hayley!

So I huffed off to bed, because it’s back to work tonight already. I slept for another hour and a half and boy did I feel better for it. That’s a total of 10.5 wonderful hours of rest, which means that the remainder of the day has been a blur of trying to get everything done that I need to before work, but at least I’m running on all cylinders. And I feel good about my loss now. I only need to lose another 4lbs and I’m back at my lowest weight. That’s nothing. In the big scheme of things it’s the tiniest little blip and certainly no reason for me to be losing my head. All I needed was a small dose of perspective. In any case, I know that this week on plan has meant good things for inside my body, because my Fitbit proves it. Whenever I go off plan my resting heart rate spikes dramatically, and yesterday it finally got back to normal. Which is very good to see!

I’m just back from my doctor’s appointment, with a nice new prescription for the pill which should help stabilise my moods and cravings. He said that the implant would most likely make my symptoms worse, and the injection would most likely make me gain weight. The pill it is then! I’m absolutely terrible at remembering to take pills of any description, but the fact is the more I lose weight the more screwy my monthlies get. So I need to take responsibility for myself and do everything I can to sort it out, because this weight loss attempt is the one. I’ve decided to take my pill when I get Pea her breakfast, as feeding her is literally the only consistent thing I do in my life! And since I’m not using the pill to stop me getting pregnant, it’s not as big a deal if I forget to take it from time to time.

I also have a blood test booked at the local hospital to check my iron levels. I’m giving blood on the 20th so I thought it would be a good idea to get it checked beforehand, so if my iron levels are low I can cancel my blood donation appointment and free up that slot for someone else. You can get blood tests done at my local surgery but that either involves waiting until September for an appointment or going to get a ticket at 8am, coming back at 10:30am when the blood tests actually start, then still having to wait for your turn to be seen.

I thought going to the hospital was a great idea, even though the minimum parking charge is £3. Since I’m not at work the night before and I got my hands on a morning appointment, I can walk there, save petrol, save money and get some good exercise. It’s a win-win situation!

Although I really haven’t done much at all this weekend I did still manage to take a couple of nice shots in the garden. Our honeysuckle finally came out and the light was perfect, my absolute favourite. The sky was grey and stormy but there was a tiny bit of golden-hour sun poking out in the just the right spot. Lovely!

Then this afternoon I noticed that our giant thistle is starting to make an appearance too, so I grabbed my macro lens for a nice close-up. I love all the purples, it reminds me of a marine sea creature.

Now I’m off to make a lasagne, and I’m very excited to see how it turns out. The bechamel-esque sauce is made out of tofu, which is syn free and a good source of iron (handy!) I also saw a recipe for a quick and easy ‘cheat’ way of making lasagne where you break up a few sheets and throw it in the pan, so you don’t have to waste all that precious time layering it nicely. The best thing of all is that since going veggie I really missed Worcestershire Sauce, but the wonderful vegans of Facebook put me onto Henderson’s Relish, which is a Yorkshire version that’s been around for donkey’s years, tastes just as good, and is one of those products that just happen to be vegan, completely accidentally.

The name also sounds really rude, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway my spag bol and lasagnes just haven’t been the same without Worcestershire Sauce, so they’ll be featuring regularly in my diet once more.

I’ll let you know whether it was a success or not!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

Car Troubles

Cars stress me out. If it was just me I had to worry about then I wouldn’t be overly fussed about not having one – I already walk or take the train whenever it’s possible and/or affordable anyway. And if I want to go exploring somewhere then there’s always the option of hiring one for a few days. But I do need a car for two reasons – so that I have somewhere quiet to eat my lunch at work because the canteen is gross and crowded, and even more importantly so that I can take my mum to her various hospital and doctor’s appointments.

Last week my engine pressure light came on, and it didn’t look good. For minor problems, or when the car is on it’s way out, the light normally flickers on and off intermittently and gradually gets worse over time. I could handle that, because it gives me time to sort out an alternative. But for me it was just BOOM, solid oil pressure light staring me in the face! I didn’t know if my engine was about to seize and die at any given point. But my friend was in the process of selling some variety of Peugeot, and he only wanted £350 for it. Since he owes me £150, and I was going to kind of part-ex my BMW with him, I would only end up having to lay out about £100 for a car to tide me over.

He got the Peugeot MOT’d yesterday and got a puncture repaired, and was going to drop it off for me this morning. But then the battery on it decided to die even though he’d not had any problems previously. Bloody typical! Although it’s simple enough to change the battery it wasn’t clear whether there was an electrical problem causing it to drain, and right now (especially with my recent mood struggles) I’m just desperate for a bit of reliability. My friend is pretty awesome though and had been to have a chat with a BMW specialist before coming to mine. After a little fiddle around under the bonnet we hit the road. According to the BMW man if we drove the distance of the local Tesco and back, if anything was seriously wrong with the engine there would be considerable knocking by the time we got back. And we would know that my poor engine was, and I’m quoting here, screwed. 

So we got in the car and… the warning light had gone out. On the drive it flickered on and off, so when we parked up at Tesco my friend popped the bonnet and used a bit of trim from the inside of my back door (which is hanging off – who needs to use the back doors anyway?) and had a poke around inside the engine. Literally poking around in there with a bit of walnut trim! And after all that stress and worrying about what I’m going to do, how I’m going to get my mum to where she needs to go without major anxiety on her part and mine, the problem turned out to be… THE WIRE LEADING TO THE SENSOR. It has a little break in it, that is all. This theory is strongly backed by the fact that when we got home my engine was still purring like a kitten. Or a tiger I suppose, given that it’s a monster of a thing.

Of course I’m totally relieved that there’s nothing wrong with my engine but still, what a palava! I know I shouldn’t worry about things that are outside of my control – it’s not as if me worrying changed a damn thing – but gosh it’s easier to say that than to actually do it!

Car troubles aside, I’m feeling a lot better now. My mood has improved 100-fold, and I’m in a position to think about what the heck went wrong over the last couple of weeks. The main problem I have is that I don’t have a problem. If I was really unhappy with my lot in life then I could understand it, but you can’t fix something when it isn’t broken. In the past when I’ve felt down for no apparent reason then food has come to the rescue. I could eat a tub of ice cream or a giant pizza and, at least until I next got on the scales, I’d feel happier. It was a temporary fix and I certainly don’t recommend it because let’s face it, in the long term that kind of strategy would literally have killed me, but what do I do now? What do I use to get me through when there’s nothing in my life I can change to make me feel better, because technically nothing is wrong? I don’t have that answer, all I know is that food doesn’t cut it anymore so hopefully I’ll remember that next time I come off the rails. There’s no point looking for that one meal that’s going to boost my mood, because my body and brain no longer work that way. It’s a HUGE positive, it means that my relationship with food is getting healthier all the time. Perhaps I should try something like CBT? Yes, I should definitely look into that! In addition to a chat with the doctor next week that is…

I did make a pretty difficult decision this week – I decided to transfer my Slimming World membership back to online. This is because I’ve been struggling with staying awake at work, which is quite important, and the only group I kind of like is before my shift on Tuesday evening. The last few months have found me dreading group, and that’s not good. Apart from the fact it no longer fits in well with my routine, there’s also the fact that when I’m tired I find it really hard to deal with lots of layers of noise. If the TV is on in the background, even quietly, then I can’t concentrate on anything someone is saying to me. The same for radios and whatnot. I generally prefer as close to complete silence as is possible! So sitting in group trying to listen to the consultant or a member speak during IMAGE therapy is made impossible by at least five groups of people having their own separate and very loud conversations. It drives me absolutely nuts! The consultant drops hints, saying things like ‘ooh, we’re getting a bit noisy today’ but no one is even listening to her so it just continues. So I’ll be weighing in at home for the next three months (that’s the length of the online subscription I purchased) then I will go back to group once that’s up. By then I will be missing it, hopefully the doctor will have given me some help, and I’ll be handling my moods better. That’s the theory anyway!

As for this week’s weigh in, I put on (in true Hayley fashion) an impressive 11 pounds. It’s not my biggest ever gain, and it’s over two weeks, so I’m feeling OK about it. I know that my body does not react well to salt/fat/sugar and that I bloat like a hot air balloon, and the fact that since I’ve been 100% back on plan I’ve been peeing roughly every 20 minutes also points to some considerable water retention!

The last two days have been filled with such delicious Slimming World food, and as ever I’m left questioning whether the binge was worth it. And as ever, it really wasn’t. Next time someone please remind me how much I love corn-on-the-cob!

Speaking of food, it’s now time to get dinner. I’m making a cheats lentil curry using a tin of (syn free) Heinz Creationz with added okra, onions and tomatoes. Hopefully it’ll turn out as nice as it sounds!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

Fightin’ Talk

I’ve mentioned it before but I’m really bad at living within my means. Just before I hid one of my credit cards (which doesn’t make a huge difference because I can use it via Apple Pay and PayPal) I treated myself to a couple of bits from Long Tall Sally, courtesy of Tesco Bank. I like the Long Tall Sally clothes, for the most part, but even their basics are just so damn expensive. I needed a couple of t-shirts for when I eventually go running with my sister (she’s mega busy trying to get her new house decorated and furnished) as all running gear for women seems to only cater for very short people. Me? I need a top that’s going to cover my tummy or I’m seriously not leaving the house! I managed to get two tops for £25 which isn’t too bad, even though the same sort of thing for a short person is more like £6, but while I was there I also bought a pair of £45 jeans. Oops. They are a pair of slouchy ‘boyfriend’ jeans (I really resent that term!) that are meant to fit well at the waist then be quite slouchy. I got them in a 16, and since I’m a 16-18 on the bottom at the moment, and as I say they are quite fitted, I can get them on but there’s a serious amount of muffin top going on. Plus I can’t breathe. So even though I haven’t quite recovered from my bad mood yet, I do have fresh focus because I really want to get into these 38″-inside-leg jeans! That is not my inside leg (I’m a 34″) but as I mentioned before they’re supposed to be slouchy. But they’ll be holding my tummy in nicely once they fit. I’m convinced they’re going to be a firm favourite so I need to get a grip and lose this damn weight!

I got up early today with the vague intention of ‘getting stuff done’ and on a whim checked the weather forecast. I was just starting my second very large and very strong cup of coffee, but since the weather was only going to be nice for the morning I quickly downed it, made myself look presentable and got my butt out of the house. I’ll admit that although I brushed my teeth and whatnot I didn’t have a shower, which is kinda gross, but in my defence I had one at 5pm yesterday so it’s not toooooooo icky. It does however show my dedication to catching what little sunshine was available!

First stop was the church on the hill, and for the first time ever I actually saw other people there even though it was only 10am. There was one lady who had the same intention as me – taking photos – and a young man who I’m pretty sure had tattooed eyeballs. I’m not judging, I just think it’s an interesting fact. I like it when people are different! I think he was just having a nice stroll, listening to music and enjoying the view.

Next I headed to the local park but there was a problem. After all that coffee I really needed to pee, so I had to venture into town (just a little bit) to use the facilities. The closest was M&S so I did what I needed to do, bought some nectarines and got the hell out of there. Because town on a Saturday doesn’t even bare thinking about.

The park was quite busy but I had the geese all to myself for a while, and I’m telling you there was an absolute army of them. For a split second I wondered whether I should feed them in case they got upset when I ran out of oats, but then I decided it was worth the risk for a good photo op.

There was easily the same amount of geese as you see in the picture here behind me, the other side of me and in the water. It’s clearly been a bumper year for mother and father geeses!

I used my oats to lure the geese away to either side of me so that the ducks could get a look-in. I’m thinking these ones are probably teenagers, but because their mum was with them they were exceptionally well behaved.

Apart from feeding the birds the best thing about the walk was that by 10:30am I’d already burned off the same amount of calories that I’d burned by 6pm yesterday. And I have another nice walk planned for tomorrow, somewhere a little different this time. I’m really annoyed that I didn’t think of it sooner, but what can you do. I’ll update you on that tomorrow.

When I got home I made myself a nice lunch of meat-free chicken-style burgers and some pretty weird sausages (all on plan though) with chips and salad. I’ve been sampling Fry’s Family Foods sausages and burgers and although they are really good value for syns (the sausages and ordinary burgers are 2 for half a syn, the chicken-style ones are 2 syns each) they are an acquired taste. The sausages have a kind of Play Doh texture that takes a bit of getting used to! Eventually I want to move away from these kinds of meat substitutes and cook more wholesome meals from scratch, but one thing at a time eh!

Now I’m going to get on and do all of the boring little jobs that I’ve been meaning to get around to for days…

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

BBQ Time!

Thankfully weather forecasts aren’t 100% accurate. Since Friday I’ve been checking various weather apps and websites, most of which said it was going to rain for the whole of Sunday afternoon. The Met Office however had the best forecast, so I went with that and decided to go ahead with the BBQ. I’m glad I did, because the weather was like this aaaaall day. Just beautiful. Everyone melted apart from me and my sister. My mum says we are lizards because we are usually cold, but this time of year we get to reap the benefits by being able to not only survive but really enjoy the heat.

I had a plan to prepare loads of Free and Speed food and stay in control for the whole day. My brother was issued with instructions to punch me hard, right in the mouth, if I even suggested otherwise. And…

…I did it, I actually managed to have a BBQ and stay on plan! This is a fantastic achievement, especially since the last time we had one I spiralled out of control and ended up spending four days trying to scramble back on the wagon. I certainly wasn’t perfect – I definitely overate Free Foods (namely my favourite corn-on-the-cobs) but that’s not the end of the world. I ended the day on 11 syns and that is something to be damn proud of.

Even though there are some tempting bits here – namely the rolls, houmous and halloumi – I managed to avoid it all by focusing on what I could have. I made a huge bowl of coleslaw which was 4 syns for the whole lot and that went down a treat, even with those who aren’t trying to lose weight, and everyone loved the fact that I’d put strawberries out. We were lucky too, they were the most strawberry-ey strawberries I’ve had in a long time! Another big hit was the yoghurt and mint dip, which amused everyone who wanted to know how it’s made. It’s very complicated so pay attention – you have to mix yoghurt… with mint… Got that? Good!

My sister’s boyfriend is avoiding gluten at the moment so he was very interested in my sweet potato ‘bun’. It was absolutely lovely and it held together really well, but I only had it for one burger because it would be ever so easy to overeat that way. Even on Slimming World, common sense must still be applied!

The burger is a Linda McCartney mozzarella burger (5.5 syns) and the cheese is a light cheese slice from Tesco (you can have 3 for your A Choice).

I made so much food that I had plenty left for dinner late in the evening and I have a full-on dinner of leftovers ready for today, too.

I’ve got everything crossed that I lose at least a pound tomorrow. Pleeeeeaaase let me have my five-and-a-half stone award!

Hayley X