Mean People 

I work in a big warehouse with no heating. So as you can imagine this time of year it gets pretty damn cold, especially as I work nights. We are provided with overalls but I’m too embarrassed to wear them.

I’ve been feeling a lot better about myself lately so this year I decided to get a padded hi-viz jacket. I was a bit nervous wearing it to work because I don’t like drawing attention to myself and sure enough I could see a couple of people looking in my direction and laughing. I’ve heard the way they speak about other people so I’m fairly sure I’m not being paranoid.

Later on in the night I was treated to some mean comments and even when I told the people it was upsetting me they still kept on. I just find it hard to believe sometimes that I have to put up with crap like that just for the privilege of being warm. And I was oh so warm, so at least there’s that.

I don’t think I looked that bad…

Then there was the man who called me pathetic because I decided to become vegetarian and basically said that I can’t be happy unless I have a boyfriend. I don’t take comments like that seriously, namely because they’re just so stupid, but it did wind me up a little that someone can be so narrow-minded. Just because his life choices have made him happy doesn’t mean they would do the same for me. Quite the opposite in fact! He said that my hobbies (photography, birds, sewing, drawing etc) can’t possibly make me happy because they’re anti-social. Seriously!

Thankfully my voucher has arrived for me to rejoin group and I will get weighed Tuesday evening. That should keep me on track as right now I just want to smash my face right into a pizza. I’m determined to stay on track though because life is going pretty swimmingly right now, but my weight is the only thing dragging me down.

I’ll update again once I’ve had my first group weigh in.

Thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “Mean People 

  1. Hello,
    Take no notice, they’re loss they don’t have a snazzy high vis jacket like you and I bet you we’re warm and toasty and they were cold, who’s the winner really?!? You don’t look bad AT ALL 🙂
    Good luck with weigh in Tuesday! Mine is Wednesday, we can do this :)! X

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