Never Say Never 

First things first. It’s Monday, and Monday means… weigh day. For now anyway, but I’ll get to that later. This week I lost a pound, which if I’m honest I was a little disappointed with but I lost ten last week so in the big scheme of things it’s all good.

This week has been quite eventful. Although officially I’m a warehouse operative I mostly work on a computer doing clerical stuff. Recently someone with health problems has usurped my position (which is of course fine by me) so I found myself driving a forklift for almost a whole week. It’s been a while since this happened.

First of all I found that I slept better, was more alert in the time I was awake, was stress free and didn’t need caffeine to make it through the night shift. When I’m ‘desking’ I need two 500ml energy drinks just to keep my eyes open.

So when I was back on the desk Saturday night I was already contemplating giving it up completely when a manager from another department tried to emotionally blackmail me into breaking the rules so he could get what he wanted.

I stayed calm (which is most unlike me!) refused to do what the manager wanted, then when I was sure I wasn’t having a knee-jerk reaction I spoke to my own manager about stepping down for good. Surprisingly he was totally on board so now the official email has gone to his manager explaining that I will no longer be doing that role.

It feels so good to do something entirely for my own wellbeing and to feel free from stress for the first time in years. 

This weekend I made another decision- the decision to go back to group- something I said I’d never, ever do again. The reason being that I can’t stand the people who talk over others during IMAGE therapy, plus the clapping thing is just so cringeworthy!

However if I’m doing this weight loss thing properly (and I am) I need to throw myself into it entirely and take the good and the bad. The only other time I was really successful this was the approach I took so it’s time to recreate the conditions. Also I accidentally dropped my Fitbit scales from a height and no longer trust them! I’ll probably get my voucher to transfer to group by next week, so it looks like I’ll be a Tuesday weigher from now on.

For now I’m awake at a stupid time of the morning so I’m chilling out in front of the TV with my new penguin mug.

Thanks for reading x


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